Romania’s budget for 2017, adopted by Government

Romania’s budget draft for 2017 was adopted by the Government on Tuesday, Public Finance Minister Viorel Stefan announced.

“Romania’s budget for 2017 was adopted in the Government meeting today [Tuesday]. This budget was built observing three fundamental things: the real data of Romanian economy, the Social Democratic Party’s (PSD) governance programme (…) and (…) the main public policies and national projects as part of a projection for the next four years, to ensure a coherent development of Romania,” Viorel Stefan said. in a press statement at the Victoria Palace.

According to him, the main macroeconomic projections the Executive had in view for the construction of the budget for 2017 are the Gross Domestic Product — 815.19 billion lei, a 5.2 percent economic growth, keeping within a maximum tax deficit of 3 percent.


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