Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu: I will not resign


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu announced on Wednesday that he will not resign.

He mentioned that he will do so only after President Iohannis will agree to appointing a new Prime Minister from the PSD.
“I have the obligation to act responsibly towards Romania and towards the party I am part of. You should know this Government is Romania’s Government, it is not the CEx’s [Executive Committee of the PSD] Goverment and I believe we should all feel responsible for this and I feel responsible. I will resign and I repeat what I said in the CEx: when President Iohannis, after consultations with the parties, will name a Prime Minister for the PSD. I believe that it is normal towards those hundreds of thousand of people, towards the score that PSD got in the elections for this to happen I do not want, as much as possible, other scenarios to enter the discussion, it is exactly for this that I am doing this,” said Grindeanu, at the Government.

“I want to clarify certain things of the CEx, because I have seen some overtones that weren’t quite like that (…) I heard earlier Mr Liviu Dragnea stating that he wasn’t sure that this CexN convention would end with the withdrawal of the political support and the attempt to dismiss me. I don’t want to tell you that things weren’t like that, but I tell you how they are now. Namely: why all this time — and I will not name names — including several instances tonight, was I offered the chair of several public institutions so I will resign or be a part of the future gov’t, as minister or deputy prime-minister, etc? Moreover, I have heard Mr Chairman Liviu Dragnea saying that he wouldn’t have wanted for me to leave, but, at the same time, he tried, as I was saying, to convince me to accept other offices. This is to clarify this situation, which I think needs to be clarified,” Grindeanu told a news conference at Victoria Palace.

Responding to whether or not he was proposed to be chair of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) or director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), Grindeanu didn’t want to confirm, but confirmed that he was offered among others, a deputy prime-minister office.